The underwear industry is rife with brands selling skin and celebrating unrealistic body images. We helped Jockey stand for something deeper. "Show 'Em What's Underneath" is a campaign that encourages people to share a side of themselves that the world may not see every day – what makes us strong, what makes us soft, what makes us goofy, what makes us, us. The integrated campaign features real people who were brave enough to open up and #ShowEm what's underneath, and inspire others to do the same. 



We created short and long form videos that ran on TV, online and got picked up by various media outlets. 


Print ads ran in several major publications including People, Glamour, Self, Men's Health, GQ and ESPN.  


The website featured longer form videos and editorial content, sold product connected with each of the stories, and reposted our favorite user generated Instagram photos with the hashtag #ShowEm


We launched a social media campaign with #ShowEm that engaged influencers and invited people to share authentic images expressing who they really are underneath while encouraging others to do the same. 


The campaign was featured on the Today Show over 4th of July weekend, with a segment on our veteran Chris Van Etten.