To completely rebrand a company, you have to start from the inside out and get every person who touches the brand internally on the same page. But more importantly, you have to get them inspired and excited about the change ahead. We began by creating an internal brand book for Rent The Runway that was the first real articulation of what the brand stood for, its purpose, and why its customers, designers and the fashion industry should give a, you know. It was met with rave reviews from the company's founders down to the sales associates. Then, we had to make it consumer facing. The comprehensive brand book served as our visual and voice guide as we worked with various teams at Rent The Runway to completely makeover the brand – logo to brand voice, website to content, social to events.


The brand book we created served as a unifying philosophy and mission for everyone who worked on the brand to rally behind. A set of guiding principles to help keep the brand's look, feel and tone of voice consistent company-wide. 



Rent The Runway had some loyal followers, but not everyone was familiar with the brand. The website had a big job to do. Outside of moving designer dress rentals, it was our job to communicate the brand ethos, how the service works, answer all the "what if's",  and continue to delight and inspire customers with engaging content – all on a start-up budget. 


When you introduce a new business model to an industry, you always need a "How It Works" video. Rent The Runway needed a small budget solution that answered all the "what ifs" that customers were constantly calling about. We wanted to keep it fun and light-hearted, so we imagined a rental scenario in which everything goes wrong - but the customer still gets her dream dress. 


The Real Runway is a collaboration between Rent The Runway and entrepreneurial female influencers to "celebrate stylish, multi-faceted women who have made the world their runway." RTR co-founders Jennifer Hyman & Jennifer Fleiss wanted to pass the torch and help inspire other young women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams, so we helped create editorial content and events where successful, self-made women from Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx, to Brit Morin, founder of Brit & Co. shared their hustle. 


We helped create social content for influencer collaborations, new product launches, editorial and more. 


One of Rent The Runway's biggest business challenges was overcoming simple barriers to entry - questions and concerns that potential customers had about how the service works. We created playful  :15 videos that answered the most common questions. They ran as sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook. 


We created an event series, "Field Notes", where inspiring female entrepreneurs shared what they learned along their journeys through talks, interactive workshops and networking opportunities at Rent The Runway stores around the country.