Dove was about to launch Baby Dove in the U.S., a full line of baby care products that aimed to compete with big players in the category (such as Johnson & Johnson). We were challenged with creating the first brand campaign to introduce Baby Dove to moms and deliver a unique point of view that would differentiate the brand in a powerful way. Our #RealMoms campaign celebrates moms today who are breaking down stereotypes about what it means to be a "good mom" and defining motherhood on their own terms. From a mom who raises her baby while working on a cattle ranch, to a breakdancing mom who doesn't want 'mom' to define her, to a transgender mom who confidently owns her choice  – we told diverse, real stories of modern motherhood. We launched the campaign with a short online film, print manifesto and an influencer-based social campaign. The campaign was well received by moms and the media, garnering several earned mentions including Fast Company's Top 5 Ads of the Week and article on Refinery 29, among others. 





We engaged hundreds of influencer moms through our social media campaign, who used the hashtag #RealMoms to show their followers how they're defining motherhood for themselves.