How do you prepare retail customers for the most ruthless shopping day of the year? You make sure they're well rested and up early, with a tuck-in and wake-up call service. We created an experience in which Target customers could sign up to be lulled to sleep by a variety of characters including country music star Brad Paisley, Grandma, and a herd of sheep, and get a wake up call the next morning from supermodel Carolyn Murphy, a mariachi band, Kermit the Frog and more.  The campaign included a content-rich website experience, web films, a TV spot, and of course the customizable tuck-in and wake-up call service.  




On the site, users could explore the various characters to customize their "tuck-in, wake-up combo" and choose the time they would be called to be lulled to sleep or woken up the next morning. 


We created a TV spot and several short web films that drove customers to the website to sign up for their "tuck-in, wake-up combo".