Research told us that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, mostly because they'd rather avoid the awkward experience of getting professionally fitted. On top of that, the outdated sizing system of "A to D" that was created in the 1930's doesn't take into account women's unique shapes and volume. It's basically like trying to measure the contents of a milk jug with a tape measure. Not very effective. So Jockey decided it was time for a game changing bra, and a fitting experience that puts women in charge of determining their size. Enter RealFit bras by Jockey. With a patented fit-at-home kit and sizing system that measures shape and volume. We created the branding to launch the challenger brand and introduce the concept to market. 



The visual identity and tone of voice we created became the brand guidelines for the website, content, social and direct mail pieces. 


On the website, users could learn about the technology behind RealFit bras, order a fit-at-home kit and shop for bras. We kept it simple, fun and informative.


To introduce the game-changing product, we created a playful video that explains how it all works.